Packing List for European Travel
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Packing List for European Travel

Europe is home to an assortment of historically significant and beautiful landscapes, making this continent worthy of exploration. If you are planning a trip to Europe, careful attention to packing is required. To ensure that you can explore Europe without forgoing the creature comforts of home, pack smart for your trip.


You cannot travel to Europe without a passport. Apply for your passport at least six months before your planned trip to ensure that you receive your documentation in time for your adventure.

Exchanged Currency or a Debit Card

In most of Europe, you can buy things using the Euro. If you plan to visit the UK, you may need pounds instead of this standard currency. Either visit your bank or travel agent and obtain currency in the forms you will require for your trip, or take your debit card and withdraw the appropriate currency when you reach your destination. While your bank will likely charge you a service fee for using your debit card outside the United States, this fee is generally nominal and worth it for the convenience that using your debit card offers.


Prepare to capture images of your trip by packing your camera. To ensure that you have enough memory in your camera for your entire trip, tote some extra memory cards or take your laptop and requisite cords so that you can download images as you go and email them back home to interested friends and family members.

Travel Book or Phrase Book

Take a resource to use in your travels by packing a travel book. Review your book in advance of your trip, marking sights that you definitely want to see during your trip. If visiting a country in which English is not the primary language, take a phrase book as well so that you can converse with the locals a bit more effectively.

Money Belt

Areas high in tourist traffic are popular pickpocket sights. To reduce the likelihood that your belongings fall into the hands of a thief, pack a money belt into which you can place your valuables when traveling. By tucking this belt under your clothes, you can keep them close to your body and safe from theft.

Voltage Adapter

If you plan to use electronic devices while on your trip, pack a voltage adapter to ensure that your plug-in electronics have the juice they require. Purchase a different adapter for each European region you intend to visit, or buy a full set to increase the likelihood that you have the power you need wherever your travels may lead.


Pack clothing for an assortment of climates. Do not assume that because you are planning a spring trip that your surroundings will be warm. In Europe, just as in the United States, the climate is not always reliable. Additionally, take an assortment of different types of clothing to ensure that you have clothing that is appropriately formal, should you wish to visit a fine restaurant or theatrical production during your trip.


While you don’t want to overload your suitcase, you should pack basic toiletries for your trip.

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