How to Decorate a Wall With Picture Frames
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How to Decorate a Wall With Picture Frames

Whether you have just moved to a new location or are ready for a new look in the room of your choice, put up a picture frame collage. You can make a statement with any group of pictures — of your child, from your wedding, of your favorite locations or from your childhood. If you can imagine the collage theme, you can create it. Purchase a set of frames or gather a collection of antique or eclectic frames, and create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Step 1

Roll out a large roll of paper the size of the wall you want to decorate. If you need to make the paper bigger, cut pieces and attach them to the paper with painter’s tape.

Step 2

Trace the frames you wish to use for decorating your walls onto another piece of paper, and cut them out. Arrange the papers onto the large paper to decide how you want them set up.

Step 3

Draw a line down the middle of your large piece of paper, and keep the frames nearly symmetrical. For instance, if you have an odd number of frames, place the middle ones along the line. The outer lying frames should balance. For instance, a small frame should have an equally small frame on the opposite or corresponding side.

Step 4

Tape each frame where you would like it, and tape the large piece of paper on the wall. Mark on the paper the place where each nail will go. Poke a hole to the wall, and mark an “X” where each nail will be. Hammer a nail on each “X” mark, and hang your frames.

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