How to Make Halloween Party Favors
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How to Make Halloween Party Favors

Impress your guests by handing them a small, handmade favor at the end of a Halloween party. Favors can range from incredibly time consuming, such as hand carving a pumpkin for each guest, to quick and simple, such as making a lollipop ghost or painting a guest’s name on a small pie pumpkin. Decorate a paper or plastic bag to look like a pumpkin and place the treats in each bag.

Step 1

Line a work surface with newspapers to protect it. Set up your work station by lining up the pumpkins and squirting paint onto the palette.

Step 2

Dip the paintbrush into the paint and carefully write each guest’s name on a pumpkin. You can also write “Halloween Party” and the year or draw a small jack-o’-lantern face on the other side. Clean the brush in the cup of water when switching colors. Dry with paper towels before sticking it in the paint again.

Step 3

Carve into the pumpkins if you have time instead of painting them. Make simple shapes, such as the basic jack-o’-lantern triangles.

Step 4

Drape a piece of white cotton over each lollipop. Secure in place with a twist tie or pipe cleaner at the base of the lollipop.

Step 5

Draw a pair of eyes and a mouth — shaped in an “O” — on the front of each ghost lollipop with the black marker.

Step 6

Paint or use the markers to decorate the paper bags. Color the bags black and write fake gravestone information on the front with a silver paint pen or marker. Color the bags orange in draw jack-o’-lantern faces on the front to keep things less gruesome.

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