Decorating Tips for a Small Bedroom
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Decorating Tips for a Small Bedroom

By carefully planning your decoration project for your small bedroom, you can make your space seem more expansive and inviting. When you are decorating your bedroom space, you can add eye-tricking elements to your decor that create the illusion of a larger space and make your slumber sanctuary more aesthetically pleasing.

Primary Statement Piece

If you attempt to fill your small bedroom with an array of bold decorative pieces, you will likely find that these dominant accents overwhelm the space. To make a statement without making your room appear smaller than it already is, select one primary statement piece. For example, pick a bold headboard with a contemporary print or an elaborate chest of drawers to serve as your room’s primary focal point. Increase the likelihood that all eyes turn to this key piece by filling the rest of the space with more muted decorative pieces.

Glass-Topped Surfaces

If placing nightstands or a vanity in your room makes the space look cramped, but you still require these surfaces for practical reason, select glass-topped nightstands or a vanity. By using a glass-topped furniture piece instead of a bulky wooden option, you can still have your space without allowing these features to dominate the landscape of your room.

Window Focal Points

Draw attention to your windows to create the impression of more space in your small bedroom. Surround your windows with curtains in a bold hue or print to make these portals to the outside even more attention getting. It will also draw people’s eyes to them. Avoid placing bulky blinds or other potentially window-obstructing decorative elements in your space to keep the windows open and to allow light and views from the outside to pour in.

Minimalist Furniture Pieces

While you might be a fan of sizable bedroom furnishings, such as an elegant four poster bed, these pieces will likely not fit well in your small room. Instead of filling your space with overly large pieces, select simpler, more minimalist pieces with fewer elaborate details. These pieces generally take up less space and make your small room feel cleaner and uncluttered.

Mirror Additions

Adding mirrors to your space can create the illusion of space where space is lacking. Suspend a mirror over your dresser or add mirrors cut into geometric or natural shapes to your wall to put this eye-pleasing trick to work in your space.

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