The Easy Way to Get 6-Pack Abs
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The Easy Way to Get 6-Pack Abs

You dream of wearing a bikini on the beach and impressing the world with your flat, six-pack stomach. Even if you’ve been pregnant and can’t seem to lose the last bit of baby fat, you can get a ripped stomach. You need to focus on your overall health and fitness, and don’t spend your days simply doing crunches. Sit-ups and crunches will work your abdominal muscles, but they won’t do much to whittle away the fat. To get rid of that, you need all-over exercise and a healthy diet.

Step 1

Improve your diet. Simple switches may be all you need to eat better. For instance, trade your morning bowl of boxed cereal in for a bowl of hot oatmeal, quinoa porridge or a fruit and yogurt smoothie. Eat an apple as a midday snack instead of a bag of chips. Double your intake of fruits and vegetables daily, and cut down on fatty foods, such as red meat, butter and cheese.

Step 2

Get some cardiovascular exercise, which will help you melt fat from your stomach so that your muscles can really show. Find an exercise you enjoy, such as bicycling or taking long walks. You don’t have to take up running unless you really enjoy it. If you struggle to fit exercise into your daily routine, try jumping rope for five minutes before lunch and dinner and during commercial breaks of your favorite television show. You can also take a dance class, such as salsa or hip hop with a few friends.

Step 3

Do exercises that target your core muscles. You can try taking Pilates or doing a Pilates workout video. You can also perform simple abdominal exercises. Try sitting on an exercise ball and doing crunches. You can also lie on your back on a yoga mat and lift your arms and legs straight into the air to work your abdominal muscles. Try the plank to work your entire core muscles. Lie on your stomach on the mat, placing your forearms flat on the mat by your shoulders. Push up on your arms and toes, tucking your stomach. Do each exercise for about 90 seconds, for a total of five minutes a day.

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