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The Daily Baby: J. Lo in NY, Update on Heath, and Brit's Release

Jennifer Lopez stepped out at New York Fashion Week
yesterday, telling People magazine that as far as pregnancy good, “I’m
feeling good.” While the mom-to-be admits she’s been a homebody lately, she
is keeping up her diva profile. , “I haven’t gone out a lot for the past few
months”, she admits, but you won’t catch her lounging around at home in
comfy clothes. “People make fun of me because when I do have them over to my
house I do have a dress on,” she said. “I don’t like the way the sweats look
with the extra weight. I like to feel good about myself even at home.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration is looking further into Heath
’s autopsy report to see which pills found in his systems were
indeed prescribed to the actor. Us Weekly is also reporting on how his
two-year-old daughter, Matilda, is doing in the wake of Heath’s death.
“Michelle and the family are showering Matilda with love right now to
cushion it so she isn’t really aware,” a source close the family tells the
magazine. “Michelle basically told Matilda, ‘Daddy went away.’ Matilda still
doesn’t grasp it.”

Britney Spears was released from UCLA’s psych ward yesterday, as
doctors found “no just cause” for keeping her there. Her parents were
outraged at the decision and fear for their daughter’s life, according to
various celeb news sources. “Rolling Stone” magazine has chosen to profile
Britney in this month’s issue, revealing new details that might be central
to her current problems, such as confirmation that Britney’s mom endorsed
her daughter getting breast implants as a teenager. I would love to say I’m
not going to pick up a copy, but I’m too curious to see what their reporters
found out.

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