Best Dog Breed for Children
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Best Dog Breed for Children

In a moment of weakness, you’ve given in to what seems like the millionth request from your kids to get a dog. Now that you’ve made the promise, you need to do some research about dogs because some breeds are better for children than others. No matter which breed you select, you should always supervise dogs and young children when they are together.

Young Children

Most of the problems between children and dogs occur with children who are younger than 6 years old, according to the Pet Education website. You must be extra careful in your choice of dog if you have a child that young. Stay away from a large dog that has been bred as a guard dog. Also, avoid getting a dog with an aggressive history, such as a dog that has bitten someone. High-energy, large-breed dogs in general are not good for small children because they can knock down a small child without meaning to. On the other hand, children need a dog with enough energy to be able to withstand a child’s need for play.

Older Children

Children who are older than 6 years old can handle a greater variety of dogs than a younger child can. For example, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is good for kids because corgis are mid-sized and like to run and exercise. They can be bossy and may take control over young children. The same goes for the West Highland white terrier. This playful and lovable breed is excellent for older children, according to the Pet Place website, but it does not tolerate a child’s accidental mistreatment well. The Pomeranian loves to be around families, but it is not good around young children.

Family Dogs

The golden retriever, Labrador retriever, beagle, basset hound, schnauzer and collie are good for families with children of any age. The retrievers suit an outdoorsy, active family. Labradors love water activities. Beagles are active, love to play games and fit in with any family, as does the basset hound. The schnauzer, available in three sizes, wants to please everyone. Since the TV show, “Lassie,” most people consider collies to be the ultimate family dog, and collies have lived up to that reputation, according to the Pet Place website.


The poodle and the bichon frise don’t shed and are good choices for children with allergies. They both make wonderful companions. For the little girl who wants to play tea party with her dog, a shih tzu may be willing.


If you want a dog to protect your children, choose an Airedale terrier or a boxer. The Airedale is a self-proclaimed family watchdog that also plays with kids. The boxer is another natural guardian but loves people and busy, active families. The Boston terrier makes a good watchdog, too, and is a good pet for families who are not as active. The Boston terrier is happy to sit with any family member on the couch.

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