The Joys of December: Co-Parenting With Santa Claus
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The Joys of December: Co-Parenting With Santa Claus

Trimming the tree, hanging the lights, sucking down candy canes… traditions like these certainly make it the most wonderful time of the year, but do you know what makes this season even more special?

If you’re a parent, you should be able to answer this question within three seconds.

Still perplexed?  Well, for all of us stuck in the “my kids just don’t listen to me” rut, December is the month when we get to take a break from flexing our lackluster parenting skills and let good ‘Ole Saint Nick do it for us.

It’s why I love December! As soon as the last bite of Thanksgiving pumpkin pie is chased down with some apple cider, my children magically transform into the obedient little angels that every parent dreams of. Let’s just say they’re drinking the Santa Kool-Aid in a big way. And you can bet your sugar plums that if the phrase, “if you don’t get dressed right now, finish your dinner and  pick up your toys, I will call Santa Claus” comes flying out of my mouth, that my kids are on it faster than the speed of light.

But Santa isn’t my only December co-parent. No, I’ve got back-up in the form of my new best friend, “The Elf on the Shelf.” Not only does this little guy serve as a reminder that Santa is ALWAYS watching, but my husband and I have so much fun moving his location every night, we literally fight over who gets to do it. It’s a win-win: My kids behave and my husband and I have a little fun. All in the name of good, clean family entertainment.

Parenting (at least the way I do it), is at its finest during the sweet, sweet month of December. It might seem a little bit sneaky, but it works (oh, does it work!) and for that I’ll gratefully ride this wave for the entire month. It’s the only time of year I don’t risk losing my voice while screaming “Pick up the toys! Brush your teeth! Clean your room! Stop hitting your brother!” 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  And more importantly, my kids don’t answer back. No one is hurling any “I hate you. You’re the worst mommy ever” in my direction.

For that I am grateful.

So while I should probably get to work copyrighting my plans for Cupid on the Stairs, Easter Bunny in the Basket and Leprechaun On the Lawn,  for now I’m going to kick back with some snickerdoodles and peppermint tea, and watch my kids fold the laundry. Because, you know, Santa is watching.

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