Giving Birth to Triplets – Oh My!
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Giving Birth to Triplets – Oh My!

Sunday morning I woke to the sounds of my children as usual, but this day started out like no other. Upon getting out of bed I realized things were wet… which meant either I lost control of my bladder or my water broke. I walked a few feet to the children calling my name and felt a slight release. Umm, did I just pee myself?! No, it felt completely different, I had no control over it and the sensation of going wasn’t there. Instantly nervous I woke my husband, and got ready to head to Labor and Delivery.

Did My Water Just Break?

At L & D the strip test showed positive for my water breaking. They required a second test though, to look at it under a microscope to verify breakage by seeing ferning on the strip, they said this showed nothing. My doctors now decided to call in for an ultrasound to check fluid levels. The ultrasound tech that came into the room was awful, very unfriendly and rude. Being 32 weeks, 6 days pregnant was very hard on my back and laying flat on it would put the babies on a nerve causing me to get sick. The tech was taking his time measuring everything except fluid levels when I could feel the need to get off my back. Sweating, feeling like I couldn’t catch my breath, the room spinning, I was going to throw up or pass out if I didn’t get the babies off that nerve ASAP. David saw this and helped me move while explaining to the less than thrilled ultrasound tech. He promised to be quick if I would just move back onto my back, so I did my best and let him continue.

It’s Time!

Results from the ultrasound showed the babies had enough fluids to make everyone happy, so we were sent home. The nurse said she thought I had a small tear in one of the sacs but it was getting pushed up against something and sealed and that’s why there wasn’t a huge gush or continuous leak. Once home I went back to bed feeling off, but never having had my water break on its own in all my pregnancies, I tried to relax. Trying to sleep that night was nearly impossible. Up every few hours to pee was a given, but David kept waking up as well. Around 3 a.m. he decided to go downstairs and watch some TV since he couldn’t sleep. I fell back to sleep easily to suddenly wake at 5:40 a.m. on the dot with a sudden gush. Running to the bathroom I realized this was the real deal, my water fully broke. Yelling for David he called my IPs and started calling around to find someone to come sit with the kids.

Not According to Plan

Grabbing towels and throwing on some clothes, David called the doctor and then Labor and Delivery. Triplets were a big delivery, and they needed to be prepared. After he spoke with both L & D as well as my doctor we found out my local small hospital’s NICU was full, they couldn’t take me. I felt like I was going to cry. I had planned on delivering at that hospital, the same hospital where my last baby was born, the hospital and nurses I grew comfortable with… it was all changing. We headed into Houston, a good 30 minute drive depending on traffic as opposed to my 10 minute drive to the local hospital. I was completely out of my comfort zone in the big hospital. I kept trying to breathe and remind myself that things happen for a reason.

My First C-Section

Things got moving quickly, having the babies hooked up to the fetal monitors, contraction monitor, IV administered, and millions of questions answered. My nurse was great, and very patient oriented. As a matter of fact the entire nursing staff on the Labor and Delivery floor was outstanding, making me forget my initial worries of being there. My doctor showed up, talked a few things over with me and my husband then left to talk to the Intended Parents and get ready for delivery.

Being rolled into the operating room my heart was racing, and my body was shaking. My first c-section. I was about to be cut open and have three little people removed from inside of me. David wasn’t allowed in the OR until the anesthesiologist had given me the spinal block. I had to sit on the gurney, leaning over, trying to push out my back and open my spine as much as possible to give the anesthesiologist the best access to successfully administering the drug into my spine. A million thoughts raced through my mind, my nerves wouldn’t calm down, I was shaking and thinking I was going to end up paralyzed from not being able to get into a good position or accidentally jerking while he had the needle in me. With my nurse right in front of me and my doctor to my left, both offering suggestions and comfort I had successfully received the spinal block, immediately feeling my legs tingling and my body quickly going numb.

It was Embarrassing and Scary

Instantly I felt nauseous. David still wasn’t in the room but I could see him looking at me through the tiny window. A sheet went up in front of my face blocking my view of the doctors and nurses prepping my lower half. I felt hot, sweaty and like I was gasping for air. The anesthesiologist reassured me my oxygen saturation was perfect, but I still couldn’t catch my breath and the room was closing in around me when suddenly I started throwing up. I had barely eaten the day before but there it all was for everyone to see. I was fully embarrassed as the anesthesiologist was cleaning me up and giving me some meds for the nausea. David was by my side less than a minute later, with the Intended Parents following.

The Triplets were Whisked Away

Minutes after they were seated and checking on me things were started and moving quickly. Everything was a blur for me from that point on, it all happened so fast. I didn’t feel pain but felt pressure of the babies and my insides being moved around which all faded upon hearing the wailing cry of baby A, the lone girl, the culprit behind the water breakage. David stood up to take pictures and look at everything, never letting go of my hand. The Intended Parents were right next to him, eyes overflowing with tears. I couldn’t hold back, hearing Baby A cry, watching the IPs overcome with joy, tears streamed down my face as they thanked me for their baby. How do you respond to that? You’re welcome just doesn’t seem fitting. A minute after Baby A (4 lbs 7 oz, 17 in) made her appearance Baby B (4 lbs 7 oz, 17 in) was pulled out crying followed by Baby C (5 lbs, 18 in), the identical twin boys. More thanking, more tears; the room was bursting with happiness. I got to see the babies briefly when the doctor held them up but that was it. They were whisked away to the NICU in their parents’ arms.

A Feeling of Emptiness

It was done. After carrying triplets for 33 weeks to the day, it was over in a matter of minutes on June 14, 2010. Three babies were alive because of me, it felt good, and I was on such an emotional high for a bit after the delivery. The high faded as all emotions do, and I lay there in recovery, my husband by my side, feeling nothing. Both physically and emotionally I was numb. I couldn’t process what I felt at that moment other than numb. Leaning my head on David, I cried, feeling empty.

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