Best Foundations from the Drugstore
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Best Foundations from the Drugstore

Foundation is a girl’s best friend. It can hide all your blemishes and instantly polish up your look. Once you’ve got your foundation on, you feel confident and ready to take on the world. But some women are going at it all wrong, shelling out way too much cash. These hard economic times call for the recessionista in you to come out. You don’t have to go to a special store in the mall and pay big bucks to make your face flawless. You can find great foundations at your local drugstore! Here are the top drugstore foundations that our Modernmom staffers have tested and approved:

Best Foundation with SPF: Nuetrogena Glow Sheers

It has a tinted-moisturizer like finish and an SPF of 30 for ultimate sun protection. We were weary when we read on the packaging that it has shimmer, but it only provides a light and flattering sheen to your face. It’s lighter than a lot of foundations we’ve found.

Longest-Lasting Coverage: Revlon Colorstay with Softflex

This is great if you want long-lasting coverage that stays put. It’s also got SPF 15 so it’s perfect to wear for those sunny summer days. A little dab with your finger will go a long way with this one, although it does take some more effort to take off than some other foundations we’ve come across.

Best Mineral Foundation: L’Oreal Bare Naturale Mineral Foundation

This is another mineral foundation that provides a smooth and light finish, as opposed to the cakey look that most mineral foundations leave on your face. It makes your face look natural and silky. One thing to be aware of: it can get rather messy so try to apply it over the sink.

Best Matte Foundation: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

One of our staffers has used this one for years and prefers it to all of the higher-end brands she’s tried. It goes on light, doesn’t clog pores, and makes skin look flawless. A matte foundation works best with skin tones that are normal to oily. For dry and flaky skin, avoid matte foundations.

Tips for Wearing Foundation

You don’t have to smear foundation all over your face. You can just put dabs of foundation in certain spots that need correcting. Common areas that usually need a little cover-up are around the nose to cover up the redness and under the eyes to cover up those dark circles. If you prefer not to use foundation or if you have acne-prone skin, then choose a tinted moisturizer instead. It’s sheer but can even out some blotchiness on the skin. If you use a sponge or brush to apply your foundation, as opposed to your fingers, then make sure to wash it well with soap and water so that it doesn’t become a home for nasty bacteria. Still not quite sure how to apply foundation the right way? Try searching on Youtube for a tutorial that will teach you how. Remember, every woman’s skin type is different and you need to find the foundation that fits your lifestyle the best. Don’t be afraid to try out different kinds to find your perfect match.

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