Fake A Summer Glow! Find Your Best Bronzer!
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Fake A Summer Glow! Find Your Best Bronzer!

Sunshine can do wonders for your mood and a light tan can make you
look healthier and slimmer. It can also wake up tired, pasty skin,
brighten your eyes, make lips stand out more, make teeth look whiter, everything seems
to lighten up. It can make your skin look sun-kissed even while it’s
protected with sunscreen. But, as we all know, the sun is harmful for your skin in many ways. Luckily, bronzer offers just about the same benefits as actually getting a tan. A light application gives a natural looking radiant glow to the skin.
Apply to the areas where you first notice the natural touch of sun on
your face– across the tops of cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, and

What Shade is Right for You?

Select a shade that’s no more than two shades darker than your skin.
Bronzers in general are great for neutralizing a
ruddy complexion. If you’re fair and sunburn easily, pink or peachy bronzers are a fabulous choice. Copper shades complement olive skin tones, while
darker shades are perfect for dark skin. Orange shades can look
unnatural. Make sure to always carefully dust bronzer with a light hand.

Cream or Powder?

Powder bronzer is best for oily or normal skin. Use a large, soft and
fluffy brush to apply the powder. Dab the brush into the color; tap
it on the back of your hand in order to remove any excess (so you
won’t overdo it). Sweep the bronzer with attention to your
cheekbones, chin, nose, and around the eyes. Using a circular motion,
start bronzing powder application on the cheek’s apple and brush on gently. Think of it as more of a soft dusting effect.
Cream or gel based bronzers work best for dry skin. Apply with a finger or a sponge. Blend well into skin or you could end up with a clown face.

Don’t Forget Blush

Bronzer alone can appear dull. For a dewy look, apply cream blush to
the apples of your cheeks. The combination of bronzer and cream blush
is absolutely gorgeous.

General Blush Placement Tip: The trick of blush color placement is to
start at the center of the apple of your cheek so the greatest
concentration of color is central and naturally lessens as you blend
it out, eventually disappearing into your skin tone. Using small
amounts at a time helps you judge how far the color goes.
To apply to the apples of your cheeks, look in the mirror and smile. It’s the lifted round zone of your cheek
area and the center of the apple area is usually level with the tip of
your nose.

Natural, Healthy Glow

We all want to protect our skin from the harmful effects of the
sun but that doesn’t mean you can’t look bronzed and gorgeous.
Bronzer makeup is a fast, effective, and simple way to bring a radiant
sun-kissed fresh look to your face and help your skin look
healthy with a natural glow

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