Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts
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Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts

Instead of giving your lover a standard present this Valentine’s Day, surprise him with a thoughtful, personalized gift. By taking the time to have something personalized for the man in your life, you show him that he is truly appreciated and make it clear that you put thought into the selection of the present.

Monogrammed Tie Tack

Give your sharp-dress man a customized accessory to spice up his daily formal wear. This Valentine’s day, buy your guy a tie tack to add a kick to his work-ready look. Have the tack monogrammed with his initials, giving the accessory an even more appealing look. To make the gift extra special, have a personalized message proclaiming your never-ending love engraved on the reverse of the piece.

Personalized Bathrobe

Encourage your always-hard-at-work fellow to take some time to relax by presenting him with a personalized bathrobe this Valentine’s Day. Order a plush, terry cloth robe in classic white or in his favorite hue. Have the robe embroidered with his initials, first name or nickname to make it more heartwarming and personal.

Customized Sports Apparel

If your man’s blood doesn’t run red but instead in the colors representative of his favorite sports team, use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to give him a customized sports gift that he will truly appreciate. Purchase a T-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket with the logo of his favorite team featured prominently. Have the garment customized by placing his name in large letters across the back or smaller characters on the breast.

Monogrammed Briefcase

Give your guy a tool to use when toting his workplace supplies each day by buying him a monogrammed briefcase. Select a case in black or brown leather for a classic, matches-everything, look. Have the case embossed with your guy’s initials as a special customized touch. This gift is particularly appropriate if your husband is the breadwinner in your household as it not only communicates your love for him, but also subtly thanks him for the hard work he does daily for you and your family.

Golf Club Covers

Guys who love hitting the green would likely appreciate a personalized set of golf club covers. Get your green-loving guy a set of fabric covers for his beloved clubs. Have the covers customized and get his name or initials embroidered on each one to add a special touch to the gift and decrease the likelihood that these golf accessories turn up missing.

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