10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
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10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The holiday of love often means thinking of gifts for your spouse, kids or other family members. If a giant red teddy bear holding a stuffed heart won’t cut it, try a more personalized approach to Valentine gift-giving. A gift that holds meaning for the recipient and shows your thought in selecting the gift makes a more loving impression.

Valentine Cookie Kit

Heart-shaped cookies are common around Valentine’s Day. Instead of giving out completed cookies, give the recipient a kit so she can decorate her own holiday treats. Include the baked cookies, frosting, sprinkles and other decorations to finish the cookies in a decorative basket. Another option is to give a package of cookie dough and a set of heart cookie cutters so the recipient can bake her own cookies when she’s ready.

Day Trip

A day trip offers an option for a couple who doesn’t need more things. The alone time gives you a chance to reconnect on a romantic level. Plan out the entire day trip or just start driving, road-trip style. If you prefer family time, load up the kids and bring them along.


Another option to avoid purchasing unwanted holiday gifts is a donation in the recipient’s name. Giving to a charitable cause embodies the overall Valentine’s Day themes of love and caring, making this gift idea a fitting option.


Carving your initials into a tree isn’t practical, but a candle offers a romantic alternative. Choose a pillar candle and carve your initials or a romantic message into the side of the candle. Another option is to press decorative studs into the candle wax to spell out the message.

Hobby Gifts

Considering the recipient’s interests is a romantic gesture fit for Valentine’s Day. Choose an item that reflects a hobby of the recipient. For example, if your spouse enjoys running, you might buy him a running watch or new running clothes. A homemade gift basket full of the hobby-related gifts offers a decorative presentation.

Handmade Item

You might not have paintings displayed in an art gallery, but you have some talents you can apply toward handmade Valentine gifts. If you are handy with a saw, create a custom shelf or other woodworking item. Other ideas include handmade jewelry, a scrapbook or baked goods.


Tickets to an event that the recipient enjoys offers another personalized gift option without adding more clutter to the home. Options include tickets for concerts, movies, plays and sporting events. Choose an event that will get the recipient excited and make sure the specific date is available for the recipient.

Engraved Gifts

The gift of jewelry is a classic option for Valentine’s Day, whether it’s a necklace for her or a wristwatch for him. An engraved message on the jewelry adds a personalized touch. The space is limited for jewelry engraving so choose a message that is short, sweet and sentimental.

Gourmet Food

Food is another common Valentine gift. Instead of a cheap box of chocolates, choose a more gourmet approach. You might purchase a dessert from an ethnic bakery, a selection of gourmet cheeses or a locally produced wine.

Photo Gifts

A photo gift means the recipient gets to relive a special moment every time he sees the gift. Many photo gifts are available at photo processing labs, such as mouse pads, mugs, blankets and key rings.

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