Decorating Ideas for a Home Recreation Room
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Decorating Ideas for a Home Recreation Room

Recreation rooms are a fun place for everyone to gather, relax and play games. They are also a fun place to decorate. Wild colors and eclectic furniture are at home in these rooms. Recreation rooms are practical spaces full of board games, video games, TVs and arcade games that all need shelving and storage space. Use baskets and wooden boxes to store all the gadgets a recreation room needs.


If you and your family love sports, turn your recreation room into a celebration of that sport. If football is a favorite, transform the room into a gridiron. Paint a goalpost on two opposing walls, and install a green carpet. For soccer or field hockey, you can paint nets on either wall. Cover the other walls in posters of your favorite athletes. Blow up pictures of your kids as they play their favorite sports.

Alma Mater

A recreation room is the perfect place to display all the paraphernalia you gathered in college. Pendants, posters, cheer signs from sports games, pictures of landmarks and pictures of you at graduation and other events work great to cover the walls. Design your games to fit in with the theme. If you have a ping pong table or a foosball table in the space, paint each side with your school’s colors or split between your school’s and your school’s rival’s colors. Purchase furniture that feature your school’s colors.


If you have a favorite beverage or favorite group of drinks, you can pay homage in your recreation room. If wine is a favorite, bring your wine fridge, wine collection and wine books and journals to the room. Set up a trestle along one wall and decorate it with fake grapes and ivy, available at a local craft store. You can also decorate the walls with old beer or whiskey ads, if that’s your preference.


Recreation rooms make great theater spaces. Set up a large screen TV on one side of the room and face couches, sofa and other furniture toward the TV. Purchase an old popcorn machine, and set it up in one corner. Old movie posters and ads make great decorations for the wall.


Use your recreation room to celebrate your family’s individual tastes and interests. Recreation rooms are an ideal place to stash all those knickknacks you’ve collected over the years. Use recycled furniture to set up some seating and game playing areas. Whether you have old statues, mismatched collectibles or other eclectic pieces, give them a home in your recreation room. Let the theme of the room be your own family’s history.

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