Decorating & Furniture Tips for the Bedroom
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Decorating & Furniture Tips for the Bedroom

Bedrooms don’t receive as much traffic as the living room or kitchen, but the decor of your bedroom sets the mood, whether you want a relaxing, spa-like retreat or a funky, modern room. Whether you’re decorating a small guest bedroom or an expansive master suite, you will find plenty of ways to infuse your own personality and decorating style into the decor.

Choose a Style

Before you decorate or choose furniture for the bedroom, choose a specific style or theme for the design. Consider how you want the room to make you feel. A relaxing vibe works well for bedrooms since sleeping is the primary activity of the room. Relaxing decor might make you feel calmer as you enter, making it easier to fall asleep. Choose all the bedroom decor elements based on the selected style or theme to make it more cohesive.

Add Patterns and Color

Once you choose a wall color for the bedroom, find accessories with patterns or complementary colors for interest. A patterned bedspread or quilt that pulls from the wall color adds visual interest to the bedroom. Another option suggested by the “Real Simple” magazine website is to hang a patterned quilt on the wall to break up a large blank space. A patterned lamp shade, pillows or a throw on the end of the bed are other ways to add depth to the design.

Mount Items to the Wall

If space is limited, mounting some items to the wall is one solution. “Real Simple” magazine recommends choosing nightstands that you can mount to the wall so you aren’t wasting valuable floor space. Hotel-style adjustable lights on a swinging arm are also mountable to the wall and allow you to have light without taking up more space. A large shelf mounted to the wall provides a location for baskets or canvas totes to store bedroom necessities without taking up dresser space.

Balance Comfort and Style

A stylish design in the bedroom makes it look nice, but ultimately you want a comfortable room as your nightly retreat. Before purchasing a bedding set that would fit perfectly into your design plan, feel the fabric to make sure it is comfortable and cozy. Choose accent pillows that soften the bed and add comfort as well as visual interest. If you want to add a chair to the bedroom, look for one that fits the design style, but one that is also comfortable to sit on.

Add Accessories

Even if your bedroom doesn’t receive any outside visitors, decorative accessories make the room one-of-a-kind and make it more welcoming to you. Framed wall art or a canvas you paint yourself adds decoration to the walls. Other decorative ideas include a vase with fresh or silk flowers, family photos, candles, a tabletop fountain and small sculptures.

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