Picky Sticky Baby Milestone Decals
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Picky Sticky Baby Milestone Decals

blog post photoThese decals are a great idea for recording milestones in your baby’s first year! My babies grew up so fast, I tried to capture each stage with my camera.

With these Picky Sticky monthly onesie stickers, you can commemorate each milestone month your baby gets older.

Just place a sticker that correlates to your baby’s age in months, and snap a pic. You can post these pictures on your facebook and show your friends and family how your baby’s growing! You can even make a collage of the pictures and present it to your parents or in-laws – they’ll fall in love with this gift!

You’ll be amazed looking back at the pictures and seeing how much your little angel has grown and you’ll be so happy you took these pics!

Get a pack of decals at www.pickysticky.com

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