Tutu Pour Mon Deux
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Tutu Pour Mon Deux

blog post photoDancing ballerinas, twirling skirts and hip hop divas will all love these adorable tutu outfits. It’s actually a super cute and  colorful tule and a huge selection of banded ribbon attached to the bottom of a tank top or long-sleeve shirt – so the top is already selected to match the tutu. Genius!

Best of all- Tutu Pour Mon Deuz allows you to customize a tutu for your little angel! You get to design the whole thing!  Pick your style and color top, choose your fun patch (like a pink skull with heart-shaped eyes or a cupcake), the color of the tutu, and the color or pattern of the ribbon.  It is a great site that is totally fun to use.

1/3 of the proceeds from every tutu is donated to a children’s hospital. Put a smile on your daughter’s face by handing her a cutomized tutu and, at the same time, you can help sick kids. I couldn’t resist this.

Visit their website to create your own tutu!

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