The 5 Best Things To Do With Your Extra Hour!
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The 5 Best Things To Do With Your Extra Hour!

Ladies, it’s time to fall back. That’s right, Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 7th, 2010. Before you go to sleep on Saturday night, turn those clocks back 1 hour! Yes, you’re losing daylight for many months. But for one day, and one day only, you have one entire bonus hour. That’s right moms! So put the kids to bed and revel in 60 minutes of bliss. What will you do with it? Here are our top 5 suggestions:

#5: Shower

Take a shower. Come on, you know you need one. Make up for all those days when you were so exhausted and rushed that a shower just wasn’t in the cards. It feels good to be fresh and clean. We think…

#4: Indulge

Read a magazine. You know that stack of magazines in the corner that have been calling your name for months?…Yes, that stack. Well, it’s finally time crack them open. Wait a second, Brad and Jen broke up? Noooooo….!

#3: Primp

Pamper yourself! Get a manicure (huh?), get a massage (who?) or get your hair done (what?). As a mom, we know these things may sound foreign to you. Remember when you were a twenty-something and loved to indulge? Turn back time during your free hour and act like that girl again! You might return a little less frazzled, with a smile on your face.

#2: Get Frisky

Hang out with your hubby. Or, do whatever with your hubby… Let’s be real moms, it’s probably been awhile. Take some time to reconnect. Or, combine option #1 and really multi-task! 🙂

#1: Snooze

And finally, the No.1 thing we suggest you do with your extra hour is…SLEEP! It’s that thing where you lie on a comfy mattress with blankets and a pillow? You used to do it before you had kids? Ring any bells? Try it sometime!

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