Stay Motivated to Shed Those Pounds!
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Stay Motivated to Shed Those Pounds!

What if a bracelet could help you lose those extra lbs? Well, mom Kelley Davis invented a bracelet that could do just that. Like countless women, she found herself struggling to lose weight. Then, she came up with a creative new way to shed those pounds — all by wearing a simple bracelet to remind her to keep on going. Read on for her incredible weight loss story and get inspired to reach your own goals.

It’s Up to Me

My story begins in 2005 after the birth of my second child. Like all mothers, I fell into the everyday routine of taking care of everyone except me. I kept putting on weight, felt depressed, and didn’t know what to do. In 2008, a friend asked me if I wanted to enter a local weight loss competition with her. Even though I didn’t really want to, I knew I needed to. I began eating wisely, exercising, and losing weight. After the competition was over, I still had a lot of weight to lose. I wanted to change, feel alive again, be a happy person, and be there for my kids and husband. You can have all the support in the world, but it’s all up to you to make healthy choices in life.

A Daily Reminder

I needed something as a constant reminder to NEVER give up and to be proud of the hard work that I had accomplished so far. I was determined to get to that dream. I knew I needed to stay focused and motivated to continue to lose weight, but how? I came up with an idea — a bracelet. I had my husband create the bracelet that I had visualized. It tracked my weight loss and reminded me to make healthy choices when reaching for food. It was my daily “reminder” to keep going! I had lost 39 ½ lbs. in the competition and continued until I had lost 72 lbs. I felt the need to create more bracelets to help those on the same path, by giving them hope and motivation. I had never created anything like this before and had no business experience, but I felt I needed to do this. Since then, I launched a website and have sold bracelets in stores and online. I’m thrilled to know that I was right about following my instincts.

My Mission to Inspire

My website is (link below). You can view my before and after photos and find out how the poundpuncher bracelets work, as well. The bracelet helped me conquer the weight loss battle. I wear it every day. It reminds me to keep focused and to stay on the healthy road to happiness. I’m hoping to inspire others to do the same. I hope this simple bracelet can help other women to start putting their health first!

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