Halloween: 364 Days To Go
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Halloween: 364 Days To Go


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Sadly, the picture looks a lot better when it’s not uploaded to a website. However, I specifically made it for my little girl so she could put it in her memory book, so as long as she is happy; so am I.

Funny how I spent 2 minutes trying to get her to smile to end up with the result of, “I reallllly don’t feel like smiling so please take the picture so I can go trick or treating already; thankyouverymuch” face. Pure comedy.

Regardless, we truly had a great time the last couple of nights. Friday night we went to a party at our Aunt Chris’ house. Her fiance has a knack for decorating that would almost come across as compulsive to most, but the end result is truly awe-inspiring.

Saturday night we went out trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Of course, that’s after we had to make a few pit stops as we live in a small town where we know almost everyone.

I think the most interesting part of the evening is when we went to this house that had their porch light on. Yet, no one came to the door. I turned around to walk to the next house and out of no where a black cat crossed our path; on Halloween night no less. I thought to myself, “Now what are the chances of that happening?”

Within seconds my daughters tiara fell off, the Ariel wig slipped down the back of her head, a balloon she was carrying began to wind us up in the string and she lost an earring. Too boot, my mother was with us, and she somehow passes us up – twice – while moving the car closer to the area where we were walking. I had to call her from my cell and tell her to stop the car & we would find her. I confess that I cursed the cat under my breath.

I did learn that Alexis has super vision though. From a long distance away she spotted one of the kids from her karate class named Wyatt. She says, “Mommy look, it’s Wyatt”. I looked, didn’t recognize him and replied, “No honey, it’s not.” A few short seconds later his Mom got my attention and low & behold… it was Wyatt. No wonder she’s never been terrified of the dark…

The night ended with a boom. We went up to a house where two teenagers, one named Jasmine, and an older lady were sitting on the front porch with their cat. After a minute of my daughter trying to play with their cat, Jasmine tells me, “He bites.” I couldn’t help, but think to myself, “You have a cat that bites kids outside on Halloween night?”… alrighty then.

As we walked away, Ariel tripped on her fin and down she went. Again I cursed the cat, picked up my princess and headed back home. 364 days to go until the next one; whew!

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