Does Your House Look Like a Daycare? Tackling Toy Storage!
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Does Your House Look Like a Daycare? Tackling Toy Storage!

Okay moms, other than what every women would like – more time in the day – what else do we need and want more than anything?


More space to live, to breath and to simply enjoy life without stepping over random toys or sitting on the sofa full of stuffed animals as our company. Ugh, it’s time to take your life back, ladies!

But how, you ask? First let me start by saying I totally understand and I have experience taking back control of chaotic kid product overload (whether that’s a real term I don’t know but I’m going with it). Being a mom of two kids under the age of 5 and also having a career as a professional home organizer I’ve built some rules to successfully get us modern moms back in control by creating a home with space we can thrive in!

Let’s get down to it, your home should reflect you as an adult and have touches of your child or children’s accomplishments but should never be mistaken for a daycare. Look around your home; do you live in a borderline daycare? Of course every toy needs to be in its place but we need to address where that place is. Follow the rules below as the first step in regaining your space:

1. Children’s rooms are for their things. If it’s kid related it belongs to them and it goes in their room NOT in the rest of the house. If it doesn’t fit in their room it needs to go or other things that already exist in the room need to go to make room for the new. Period.

2. Art supplies are allowed in the kitchen preferably behind closed doors. The kitchen is best to allow for supervision. No one needs markers on their walls.  Remember the “daycare” thing?!

3. Play food is also allowed in the kitchen. Preferably a bottom drawer where kids can have easy access.

4. Board games are the exception. They can be great family fun so in a hall closet, family room cabinet, kitchen pantry. Wherever you find space, games are a rule breaker.

5. Children’s art: Clusters on display in the kitchen and/or in their rooms are perfect. Make sure to switch them out weekly.

If you use this guideline and literally throw your child’s things in the specific areas listed – well, that’s an excellent start! You’ve done the first step in getting your life back. Stay tuned for more ways you can live a less stressful life at home with the kiddos and enjoy the newfound space in your home again!

Susie Abood established a simple, stylish and informative website, and has created a fresh standard for home organizing through her Facebook fan page for Neat Freak Mom

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