10 Things My Mama Always Said (That Weren’t Quite the Truth)
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10 Things My Mama Always Said (That Weren’t Quite the Truth)

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Mama always knows best. I was raised to believe that my mom knew it all, had eyes in the back of her head, and could read minds. And, of course these are the same things I am teaching my brood of children. But, I have to admit, some of the wisdom my mom imparted on me may have been a bit, how should I put it, misguided?

Reflecting back on some of the informational nuggets or, shall I say myths, my mama shared with me, had me rolling today! Did your mom ever tell you about the worms that grow in your belly from eating your boogers? What about the girl that made a silly face one time and her expression was stuck that way forever? I think every mom at some point has said something along these lines. Let’s compare battle stories and see if maybe our moms were sisters from another mister…

10 Things My Mama Always Said

1. If you crack your knuckles you will get arthritis. Several studies concluded that there is zero evidence of this actually causing arthritis…..mind blowing!

blowingabubble2. It takes SEVEN years to digest a piece of swallowed gum. Negative ghost rider….Gum will pass just like any other non-food item.

3. You better let that scrape on your knee air out. 85% of people are not treating their wounds correctly (i.e., not covering them). Moms for years have believed that you should let wounds “air out” or “breathe” but that simply isn’t true. In fact, covering your cuts and scrapes with Band-Aid Bandages helps them heal faster, prevents a scab from forming which minimizes the chance of scarring, and decreases the chance of infection by preventing exposure to water, dirt and germs. And if that isn’t enough, bandages also provide extra cushioning that protects from re-injury before the wound is completely healed.

4. If you shave your legs your hair will grow back darker, thicker and more coarse. Well, I may still believe this one, but the experts have debunked it.

5. You have to wait 1 hour after you eat to swim or you will drown. Well you may feel some cramps but you’re not going to drown.

6. Sitting too close to the television will make you go blind. Really?? Let me just say this, I never listened to my mom in this matter and I’m not blind yet. I think it was more of the fact that I made a better door than window.

7. One of my favorites is…You’ll catch a cold if you go out with wet hair. Still to this day I have a hard time going outside in the winter without blow-drying my hair for fear of catching a deadly cold! But honestly, colds are caused by viruses not wet hair.

8. Reading in the dark will ruin your eyes. Strain your eyes: YES. Ruin your eyes: NO. Strained eyes can be remedied by a little rest.

kidswatermelon 9. If you swallow that watermelon seed one will grow in your tummy. I think sunlight and soil are required to grow plants…

10. If you touch a toad, you’ll get warts. You may want to use this one if you need an excuse to not get your child a toad, but if we’re being honest here, nobody gets a wart if they touch a toad.

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