Cute Fashion Finds for Boys
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Cute Fashion Finds for Boys

When it comes to clothing for my son, I’m always on the look out for cute and stylish items without going brizoke.

Lets face it, these kiddos grow so quickly that the idea of splurging is just plain crazy!

Here are a few super cute finds I recently acquired for Brennen to wear.  (Some are already on sale and ready for wear and tear.)

1. Black Wide-Wale Corduroy Sports Blazer  (RED 21)

2.  RUN DMC t-shirt (Amazon)

3. Duffy (Goorin Bros.)

4.  Hockey Skate t-shirt with Elbow Patches (RED 21)

5. Coloured Welly (Zara)

What are some of your favorite finds?

Want more? Check out Jess Afshar’s fashion blog at and follow her on Twitter @MimiandChichi

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