Sustainable Fashion: Interview With LISSA the shop Founder
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Sustainable Fashion: Interview With LISSA the shop Founder

Glamorous to many, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world.  Not just because of the widespread use of pesticides and herbicides to treat textile crops, or the toxic coloring methods that eventually runs off into rivers, but because the fast-fashion industry promotes disposable fashion, cheap clothing that ends up in a landfill sooner rather than later. 

The good news is that there’s a revolution coming, and sustainable fashion designers are proving that you can be stylish as well as eco-conscious. is a new web-boutique owned by fashion industry veteran, Lissa Aguila Dohl.  A firm believer in environmental awareness, Lissa believes in supporting innovative independent designers who have sustainable production methods, and work in a way that protects our earth’s natural resources and the future well-being for generations to come.  

I interviewed Lissa Dohl, who is also a fellow mom, about why she decided to open her online store:

Leslie Newton: What inspired you to start an online store?

Lissa Dohl: As a busy mom I did most of my shopping online, and was tired of searching for stylish clothes that I could wear everyday while still being able to play on the floor with my son.  There are other online boutiques that sell expensive trendy items, but that is not what I am wearing when I am going to Gymboree class!

LN: What inspired you to choose eco friendly clothing?

LD: While I have always been health and environmentally conscious, having an infant really expanded my awareness to the toxins in food, products, the environment, and in my child’s clothing, then my own.  I wanted to make the choice to surround myself and my family with pure and natural products.

LN: How did you go about choosing the different designers and what made them stand out to you? 

LD: All the designers I carry must follow one, if not all, Core Sustainable Principles that I have identified addressing fabrics, coloring and production methods.  Many people think that this kind of clothing is style-less, but they haven’t seen the new designer movement that is happening.  Fashion colleges promote sustainability and the students very much have this approach ingrained in them now.  There is so much innovation out there!

LN: What makes your online store different from other online stores? 

LD: My background is in the fashion industry, so I was looking for an online store that sold stylish eco-fashion from different designers, that I could wear every day.  I found stores that were carrying things just because they were “eco”, but not necessarily something special. I definitely think that style comes first when you choose your wardrobe.

LN: Who is your target customer? 

LD: Women from 25+.  New moms, career women, creatives, ladies who lounge.

LN: Will social media play a role in your company? 

LD: Absolutely!  We are on online only store, so I very much use social media as a way to connect with my customer.  We have a blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest page.

LN: What is your background in the fashion industry? 

LD: My first job out of college was in International Licensing for Guess? Jeans.  Then I moved to New York and landed a job in the Men’s Designer buying department at Barneys New York.  One of my accounts there was Prada, and then I joined the Public Relations department at Prada.  We worked closely with Vogue Magazine, and I soon found myself as a Market Editor there, representing new designers and sportswear.

LN: How do you manage being a mom and starting a business?  How do you balance your time? 

LD: Luckily I don’t need much sleep!  I now make use of my early morning hours to exercise, because if I don’t my whole day is off.  I had to analyze when I am strongest during the day and use that time for the most meaningful work.  Basically I start strong and match that with the work that takes the most brainpower.

LN: What is your mission statement and overall goal for your store?

LD: My goal with LISSA the shop is to increase awareness of the chicness of contemporary sustainable fashion, while supporting a movement towards a conscious fashion industry.

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