My List of the “Most Beautiful People”
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My List of the “Most Beautiful People”

I was sitting in the doctors office waiting for my turn when I happened to see an old copy of PEOPLE Magazine’s “Most Beautiful People” issue.

Without even looking through it I could guess who would be in it: Channing Tatum, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Gosling and Megan Fox just to name a few.

These people are beautiful or interesting to say the least, but I started thinking about who I would put in that magazine if I were the editor. 

Here are a few of the people that I would nominate to be on the list of PEOPLE Magazine’s “Most Beautiful People”:

  • The mother whose hair is a mess and has circles under her eyes because she has been up all night rocking her baby.


  • The dad who walks in the door from work and embraces the child who leaps in his arms, even if it means handprints and smudges on his suit.


  • The teacher who patiently and lovingly welcomes each child to class every day and teaches them so much more than what is required on standarized testing.


  • The check-out girl at the grocery store who takes the time to scan all the opened bags of goldfish crackers without spilling any of them or t he cashier who is so patient as I pull out the things I am not buying, the things one of the children put into the basket.


  • The mailman who waits so patiently for my 4 year old to run down the driveway in her rain boots to get the mail everyday.


  • The doctor who has had a long day, but stays late to see a worried mother’s child.


  • The mother with the baby in her arms getting on an airplane. She knows everyone is looking at her and saying to themselves, “please don’t sit next to me.”


  • The school crossing guard who stands in the rain making sure the children get across the street safely.


  • The few soulmates who come into our lives, the ones who you may not have talked to in a while, but who seem to call when you need it the most.


To me these are just a few of the most beautiful people in the world. These are the kind of people I want my children to see beauty in, because as we all know beauty is so much more than just what is on the outside. 


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