Sassy Butterfly Rattle and Teether Toy Gift Set
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Sassy Butterfly Rattle and Teether Toy Gift Set

Gotta love the tried and true basic rattles for your baby. These have been around forever, but that’s because they work 🙂

Great for your own baby or as a gift for a friend with a baby. This set is colorful and noisy – and will delight and excite your little one. Includes 5 rattles and teethers in an assortment of shapes and bright colors to stimulate your baby and help develop interaction and motor skills.

They’re easy to hold and the teethers provide soothing relief. They’re also safe, durable and easy to clean. With all the interesting shapes, colors and patterns, these will quickly become your baby’s favorite toys.

Keep some at home, in the car or pop them in the diaper bag and whip them out anywhere to entertain baby.

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