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Any ideas for how to organize my holiday gift list?

Absolutely!  The best way to organize your holiday gift list is by person/category: 

a.    Immediate Family – your spouse and kids – those who live with you.  This list will probably be the most extensive list as far as what you want to buy and the money you will most likely spend.  When you make this list, if you know the store you are going to buy a specific gift from, make a note on the list.  We suggest you put a ceiling on the amount you spend for each person and while shopping, record your spending right on the list to help you keep track.


b.    Extended Family – Those not living with you but still family (sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews).  The gift list may not be as extensive as your Immediate Family list, and you will probably have a lower budget to spend.  You will probably buy only one gift per person, or one gift per household.  If you buy by the household, try looking online for specialty gifts like food baskets, cookie baskets, fruit baskets, chocolate baskets – items that can be shipped and come in all price points.


c.    Co-workers – those coworkers you feel you need to buy a gift for – many companies do a Secret Santa, so you will need to know the procedure and the dollar limit.  If you are a manger, chances are you will need to buy gifts for your staff/team.  But remember, you can always do a team gift basket rather than individual gifts.  Find out from your employer if gifts are allowed and if any monetary gifts will be given from the company on your behalf.


d.    Others – paperboy, babysitter, gardener, housekeeper, cook, pool boy, teachers, tutors, trainer, etc. it’s very important to thank the people who help you keep your life and health on track.  If these people are not particularly close to you or your family, it will be appropriate to purchase gender-neutral gifts.  These can be gift cards (with Buttoned Up’s GiftCard.log), coupons (ButtonedUp.coupons) stationery items ( Birthday.book, Greetings.stash), Movie tickets, dinner coupons, etc.  If you find a gift that you like that is gender generic – buy multiples.  It’s great to have extra gifts on hand for surprise guests and when you suddenly remember someone (your manicurist, hair dresser, personal shopper, etc.).


e.    Dollar Amount – sometimes it’s easier to sort your shopping by dollar amount. For instance, all persons you will buy a gift for under $25, $25 – $50, $50 – $100, etc.  Then when you find something you like, for a price you like, you can check your list in that price range and buy as many as you need.


f.     Home Made – if you are adept at baking or crafts, think about your skills and who would love to get one of your home made gifts.  People understand the time and effort that it takes to make something, so look at your list and your creations and see if there are some matches.

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