How to Wrap an Unboxed Gift
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How to Wrap an Unboxed Gift

It’s easy to wrap gifts that come in boxes, but what do you do with that strange shaped item that has no box?
Sometimes gifts defy being placed in boxes. Either the gift is too oddly shaped, too small or too large for a box; or you just don’t have the time to locate an appropriate box. Don’t worry! There are many boxless alternatives to gift presentation.

Things You’ll Need:

Decorative Postage Stamps *
Gift Ribbons *
Ribbons *
Tissue Paper *
Christmas Stockings *
Acrylic Paints *
Baskets *
Fabric Gift Bags *
Fabrics *
Gift Bags *
Gift Bows *
Wrapping Paper *
Acrylic Paints *
Stamp Pads Of Paper *
Baskets *
Tissue paper *

Gift Bags Work

Use a purchased gift bag to present your gift as an alternative to boxing it. Most available gift bags are made of heavy paper and are capable of holding gifts of considerable weight. They come in many sizes and often come with gift tags attached to the handles.

Brown Paper Bag

Purchase a plain brown gift bag. Use decorative stamps and paint to embellish the bag to your liking

An Elegant Look

Use a fabric gift bag that you have purchased or made yourself as an alternative to paper bags. Fabric gift bags have drawstring tops and are perfect for presenting wine bottles. Look for a velvet gift bag to add a touch of elegance to your gift presentation.

Wrap It Up

Wrap items such as books, CDs, videotapes and cassette tapes as you would a box. Their symmetrical shapes make them easy to wrap as they are.


Use a Christmas stocking as your holiday gift bag. This method of gift presentation works well for one gift or for many gifts. Simply make or purchase a Christmas stocking, decorate it and place your gift or gifts inside. Give one stocking per family or one per person.

Ribbons Galore

Place your unboxed gift or gifts in a basket and cover the contents with a piece of fabric that reflects the occasion. Tie the basket handle with coordinating ribbon, and add a bow.

Tips and Warnings

Wrap your gift in colorful tissue paper before placing it in a paper gift bag. Then arrange more tissue paper around the gift in order to conceal the bag’s contents.
Wrap smaller gifts in tissue paper and ribbon before placing them in a Christmas stocking or basket. Take care that fragile items presented in these ways are well-cushioned before placing them in a bag or basket with other items.
Cover your gift basket with a handmade or purchased tablecloth. This way, the wrapping becomes a gift as well. You can also cover your basket with an item such as a scarf or table napkin.

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