How to Make Balloon Bouquets
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How to Make Balloon Bouquets

Balloon bouquets make great centerpieces for any holiday celebration. They make a party full of life and excitement. Balloon Bouquets are an excellent choice instead of cut flowers. Next time you are opting for flowers, make your own balloon bouquets for much less! They are easy to make, fun to give as gifts, and a terrific gift to receive.

Things You’ll Need

3 to 7 colorful balloons in coordinating colors for small bouquet (or 9 to 11 for large numbers)
1 mylar balloon as a centerpiece
stuffed animal (any type is great)
curling ribbon (your choice of color)

Helium Balloons

Helium balloons can be purchased at many party stores. Wal-Marts, Supermarkets in most floral areas, and party shops carry helium. Balloon bouquets tend to look best when you use an odd number of balloons. Using 3-7 balloons make a nice small bouquet, yet 9-11 can make a dramatic showing for a centerpiece for your party.

Store Bought?

If you plan on purchasing helium balloons that are inflated, make sure you request curling ribbon that matches the theme of your bouquet. You can buy additional curling ribbon in the same colors that are hanging from the balloons. This adds an amazing visual interest near the top of your bouquet.

Getting Started

Gather the your ribbon together so that the balloons are staggered evenly throughout the bouquet in a pleasing display.

The Process…

Try not to bunch too many balloons at one level and not enough at another. Insert the main mylar saying balloon in the center of focus.

Finalizing Your Look

Once you are happy with your balloon placement and arrangement, tie the ribbons together in a knot to secure balloon placement. Secure the balloons to a stuffed animal (size depends on number of balloons) as an anchor for the balloon bouquet.

Tips and Warnings

This is a great addition for your party. Centerpieces make a great cake table decoration for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Anniversaries. * Insert tied balloons into a vase of flowers for a balloon/flower bouquet. * Party stores also have balloon sticks for non-helium balloons. * Put together your bouquet indoors, so balloons don’t fly away.

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