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How Should I Organize the Baby’s Chest of Drawers?

The seemingly endless list of tasks to complete before the birth of a baby leaves many moms-to-be dizzy with the possibilities. Organizing the baby’s chest of drawers takes some planning, but is a fairly simple task in the grand scheme of the baby preparation. Even if your new addition has already arrived, occasional organization of his clothes keeps things neat and tidy. Grab all of those cute baby outfits and get ready to organize.

Step 1

Wash all of the clothing and fold it neatly to prepare it for the baby dresser. Fold the clothing so that the size tag is easily accessible.

Step 2

Separate the clothing by size. Keep out all of the clothing in the size that your baby currently wears. If your baby isn’t born yet, keep out the newborn and 0-to-3-month sized clothing. Babies quickly outgrow newborn sized clothing if they fit into it at all, so you’ll want the 0-to-3-month clothes handy.

Step 3

Place any larger clothing in a clear plastic tote or other storage container that will protect it. If you have extra drawers in the chest, store the larger clothes there.

Step 4

Organize the baby clothing by type. Make piles of pants, sleepers, shirts, socks and any other baby clothing. Separating the clothes by style makes it easier to find the clothing article you need right away.

Step 5

Compare the number of drawers to the number of piles of clothing. If you have the same number or extra drawers, each type of clothing can have its own drawer. If you have fewer drawers than piles, decide which types of clothing will go together.

Step 6

Assign each type of clothing to a drawer. Place the clothing you will use most frequently near the top for easy access. Consider the clothing types that might need changed more than once a day.

Step 7

Decide if you want to add drawer dividers to the chest of drawers. These dresser accessories help keep the clothes in neat piles. They also help keep items separate if you place more than one type of clothing in the same drawer. Install the drawer dividers if you plan to use them.

Step 8

Stack the clothing in the assigned drawers in neat piles. Avoid overloading the drawers which may damage them.

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