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Ideas for Decorating a Kitchen

Whether you spend a lot of time cooking and entertaining in your kitchen, or it’s just a place to heat up microwavable dinners, your kitchen should be decorated so that it makes you happy every time you enter it. This doesn’t have to be a major undertaking, though. Many simple kitchen decorating ideas can be done by even the most style-impaired chef.

Go Yellow

Yellow is known as the color of optimism. This happy color has become a popular choice for decorating kitchens. If painting the whole kitchen yellow seems like too much color, try painting just the backsplash yellow or add yellow tile to the countertops. Some other ways to add yellow to your kitchen décor are adding yellow sashes to the curtains, putting a yellow throw rug under the breakfast table or adding yellow acrylic handles to cabinets and drawers. These little splashes of color can create a color theme for your kitchen.

Make Your Fridge the Centerpiece

In other rooms you can build a décor around a pillow or chair you like. With a kitchen you can do the same thing. Choose a funky, modern or colorful fridge and build your kitchen décor around it. There are many stores that sell retro style, modern chrome or stainless steel or regular fridges in every color of the rainbow. Simply choose the fridge you like and choose your kitchen’s accessories, cabinets and flooring to match. For example, if you chose a pink 50s style refrigerator, decorate your kitchen with 50s black-and-white checkerboard tile, pink tile backsplash and a 50s retro wall clock.

Decorate with Collections

Have a certain thing you love to collect? Make it the theme of your kitchen. Install a shelf that runs around the entire top of the kitchen for your treasures and use a color theme in the kitchen to harmonize with a common color theme in your collection. For example, if you like to collect cherry themed items, paint the walls of your kitchen, or maybe just the backsplash, a cheerful cherry red. On the other hand, if you like to collect items that are many different colors, like cookie jars, you may want to make the colors in your kitchen muted so that the collection can shine.

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