Looking Back & Planning Ahead!
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Looking Back & Planning Ahead!

Every year at about this time, I buy my new calenders and I begin my ritual of reflecting on the past 11 months. I like to see…what panned out, what didn’t, what lessons have I learned, what mistakes will I not make again? I really enjoy the time looking back at my calendar (yes, my paper calender with all my scribbles & scratches!) and seeing what happened each month. So true, the older we get the faster time goes. I especially see this with my kids. After I review the year, I like to make goals for the next year. I put my goals in three categories: family, biz and third is a grouping of friends/community/volunteer. Juggling everything is constant evaluation that I make daily. Looking back, I realize I had spread myself too thin throughout the year. I truly believe its better to decline some situations if you can’t give it your all, then say yes and not be “present.” As difficult as that may be…that’s one lesson I’ve learned this year. I also really like to analyze my mistakes, learn the lesson & let go of the negativity associated with the mistake. No need to hold on. I like moving into the new year with a clean slate. It feel empowering. What are your goals? Mistakes? Lesson learned? I’d love to hear about them! Enjoy the Holiday season!

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