How Do I Treat Lice Naturally?
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How Do I Treat Lice Naturally?

Head lice are a common problem among school aged children, second only to the common cold, according to If you notice signs of lice in your child’s hair or on his scalp, don’t panic. You can safely remove the lice and their eggs at home, without using an insecticidal shampoo. All you need is a comb with fine metal teeth to brush the lice and the eggs out of your child’s hair.

Step 1

Wash your child’s hair with shampoo and rinse. Smooth the leave-in conditioner through her hair and run a comb through her hair to de-tangle it. Use a regular comb to remove the tangles and knots.

Step 2

Have your child sit on a stool so that her head is just below your eye level. You may want to give her a book to read or position a television in front of her so that she sits still while you work. Aim a bright lamp at her head.

Step 3

Divide her hair into small sections and place each section in a hair clip. Take one section and slide the comb into the hair, as near to the scalp as possible, a few times.

Step 4

Inspect the section of hair to see if any nits or lice remain. Continue to comb the section if you see any lice.

Step 5

Wash the comb in the bowl of soapy water after you comb through each section of hair. Wipe dry with the paper towels.

Step 6

Twist the combed-through section into a curl and pin to the head. Make sure you use a clean hair pin, not the one you previously used in the hair. Repeat the combing process on the remaining sections of hair. Wash the comb in the water after you comb through each section.

Step 7

Pour the soapy water into the toilet and flush when you are finished combing. Shampoo your child’s hair again to remove the conditioner. Inspect her hair again after shampooing to make sure you got all the nits and lice. Remove any that remain with the comb.

Step 8

Vacuum the area you were working in and launder any towels you used in hot water. You should also wash your child’s bed linens and any other towels she used to get rid of any stray lice. Soak brushes and combs in boiling water for 15 minutes.

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