Free Birds
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Free Birds

Ever wondered what November must be like for turkeys? Not all apple cider and pumpkin pie, that’s for sure!

In the new adorable animated film Free Birds, two turkeys travel back in time in an effort to revise the menu at the first Thanksgiving – forever altering their tradition as the main course.

The movie opens with Reggie (voiced by Owen Wilson) desperately trying to convince his flock that the farmer isn’t REALLY their friend. But like many visionaries throughout history, he’s brushed off as a lunatic and ostracized from the group.

Karma seems to be working in his favor when he receives the Presidential Turkey Pardon and whisked off to a life of luxury (and delivery pizza) at Camp David. But things take a turn when he’s kidnapped by Jake (Woody Harrelson) who insists that the Great Turkey has commanded them to return to 1621 and stop the first Thanksgiving dinner.

With the help of S.T.E.V.E., the top secret  time-travel machine (voiced by George Takei) and Jenny (Amy Poehler), the brave and beautiful daughter of the wild turkey chief, the unlikely friends embark on an epic  fight for freedom.

The family-friendly movie, which is the first feature produced by Dallas-based Reel FX, is full of gags and giggles that little ones are sure to love, plus tons of jokes that adults will enjoy as well. 

It’s the perfect way to kick off the holiday season with your kids!

Check out the trailer below:

YouTube video


And for more Free Birds fun, check out this special “Meet the Flock” featurette with Amy Poehler:

YouTube video

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