About Time [Film Review]
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About Time [Film Review]

What mistakes would you undo if you could change the past? About Time, which opens in wide release on November 8, asks this question – and the answer is sure to leave any romance fan teary-eyed and touched. 

The movie revolves around Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson), who realizes that the men in his family have a rather unique talent… they can time-travel. He follows his heart through time to discover (and re-discover) the moments in life that truly matter.

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It’s a journey that goes well beyond boy-meets-girl, as About Time captures the value of family, friendship, and making every day count. The film is wonderfully cast, full of characters with distinct personalities that are even more charming for their realness.

Gleeson captivates as he transitions from boy to man, stranger to husband, and son to father while Bill Nighy gives a command performance as his ever-doting but unobtrusive father and husband.  Last but certainly not least, Rachel McAdams displays an understated grace as Tim’s love interest Mary. Even the supporting roles surprise in their depth and delicacy.

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While some British terminology and an obsession with Kate Moss may give you pause, the combination of magic and reality will make “About Time” a movie you’ll want to see again and again.

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