Dress Up Party Costume Ideas
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Dress Up Party Costume Ideas

Waltz into a dress-up party with a memorable costume rather than one everyone wants to forget. Avoid the embarrassment of a lame idea by sticking to what has worked for women in the past. From famous ladies throughout history, to Hollywood starlets and fictional fantasy characters, become the woman of your own dreams, at least for one night. Remember back to the days when you browsed in your mom’s closet and played dress-up. Relive the magic with a fashionable and chic costume.


Rule the night (and the knight) with a royal costume. Choose Egyptian ruler Cleopatra for a powerful and sexy look. Wear a heavy-banged black bob wig. Weave beads into braids, or create an entire cap with long beads. Create dramatic cat eyes with black eyeliner. Wear any draped dress, in white or a shimmery metallic. Add gold cuff bracelets or a wrap a toy snake around your arm instead.

Opt for an elegant royal costume when you dress the part of Queen Elizabeth I. Combine a heavily powdered face with thin red lips and a high, ruffled collar. Keep cleavage to a minimum in your modest corseted dress. Pile on the gold and gem costume jewelry.

Pay homage to a modern princess everyone loved to admire, Princess Diana. A Princess Diana costume is one part princess and one part 1980s retro style. Wear a short feathered blond wig or tuck your hair under in the back. Add a rhinestone tiara and matching earrings. Wear any formal dress you have, add elbow-length gloves and smart matching accessories.

By Decade

Close your eyes and imagine a year you would like to experience. Assemble a costume based on that decade. Become a carefree woman for the evening, in a fringed flapper gown from the 1920s. Any dress with a dropped waist will work. Add a headband over bobbed hair, preferably one with a feather. Add one or more strands of faux pearl beads.

If you’re interested in a look from the 1960s, go mod with your favorite mini skirt and go-go boots. Wear your hair long with a wide headband and white sunglasses.

Skip to the 1970s and envision yourself in a flare-leg jumpsuit. Wear dangling silver jewelry and wear your hair off your face. Douse your cheeks and shoulders glitter and shimmery powder. Strap on wide wedge sandals since you probably don’t have any platform shoes in your closet.

Super Heroines

Make it a storybook night with a costume inspired by fiction or fantasy. Evoke your favorite super heroine or even a super villain. From an Amazon to a feline, super heroes are in. For a Wonder Woman look, you can easily assemble a costume with a bathing suit and a gold foil eagle across the bust. Wear boots and carry a gold lasso. Add a gold headband to your dark locks, and you’re ready for the party.

Pour yourself into a skin-tight leotard or jumpsuit. Add a touch of modesty with a flirty leopard print or black skirt. Wear heels or boots. Attach a long black belt to the outfit in the back to make a tail. Sew fake fingernails onto black gloves, add a black mask with cat ears and paint your lips a kissable red. Smoky eyes complete the sultry look for the costume party.

Repurpose an old Neo or Trinity outfit into Storm from the X-Men characters. Any tight black clothing works, although leather is best. Add a large black and silver cape and a long white wig.

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