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How to Cook a Light Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

If you feel as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey after your holiday meal, there’s a reason. The average Thanksgiving meal equals 3,000 calories and a 229 grams of fat, reports the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Reducing portions alone may not be enough to lighten the meal on your annual day of overindulgence. Pepper the meal with flavors, not fats. Offer guests a cornucopia of savory options in a steady parade of dishes. Revamp your existing traditional dishes and opt for low-fat, low-sodium and low-cholesterol foods while cooking.

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How to Organize Storage Space

One in 10 U.S. households rents a self-storage unit according to the Self Storage Association. You, too, may have outgrown your storage space as fast as a toddler outgrows her shoes. With so much stuff crammed into our at-home closets and cupboards that we are spending extra money to store unused objects, it’s no wonder we struggle to manage unruly storage spaces. Tackle the issue head on and learn the fine art of letting go. It will be good practice for when the kids leave the nest.

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Easy to Make Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces

The holiday meal takes center stage on Thanksgiving. Set the stage in a tasteful and simple way with an easy Thanksgiving centerpiece. Squashed between ghoulish Halloween and the gift-giving winter holidays, retail stores treat Thanksgiving decorations like unwanted dinner guests.

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How to Clean Ceramic Glass Cooktops

A ceramic glass stovetop creates a sleek and modern look for your kitchen. You do not have to unplug coil burners, clean under the top or wrestle to fit the pieces back together. Food debris has no place to hide. You can clean the smooth surface without playing kitchen mechanic. Keep the top of the stove as clean as the day you bought it with daily cleaning. If your stovetop gets a lot of use, clean the top after each use.

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Dress Up Party Costume Ideas

Waltz into a dress-up party with a memorable costume rather than one everyone wants to forget. Avoid the embarrassment of a lame idea by sticking to what has worked for women in the past. From famous ladies throughout history, to Hollywood starlets and fictional fantasy characters, become the woman of your own dreams, at least for one night. Remember back to the days when you browsed in your mom’s closet and played dress-up. Relive the magic with a fashionable and chic costume.