Reasons I Love You Stones
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Reasons I Love You Stones

There are so many different ways to say “I love you” to someone. How will you decide to send the message to your significant other this Valentine’s day?

Reasons I Love You Stones are a unique, modern twist on the signature Valentine’s Day Sweethearts Conversation Hearts. Rather than sending messages on candy, you can send your loving messages etched in stone.

Each brushed-nickel stone reads “I love you” on the front and includes different “reason” on the back:


…for always getting my jokes
…because you’re an inspiration
…because you are so much fun
…because of your great smile
…for being so giving
…because I just do!
…because you love me
…because you rock
…for your honesty

These nine beautiful stones come wrapped in a gorgeous red faux-suede pouch.  What an adorable way to say those three special words.

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