Best Educational Baby Toys
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Best Educational Baby Toys

Being a parent means you want what’s best for your children. While the basic wiring of babies’ brains are in place at birth, it is the experiences they have after birth that stimulate and reinforce connections and synapses. Providing a nurturing and learning-rich environment is part of your job as a mom or dad. Educational baby toys can help you do just that.

One Step Ahead Whoozit See Me Mirror

From the beginning, babies are attracted to the human face. The symmetry, contrast and movement of the face both fascinate and soothe a baby. The Whoozit See Me Mirror can be safely tied to a baby’s crib, propped up like an easel or laid flat while the baby enjoys tummy time. Seeing her own face promotes self-discovery, and the soft fabric frame, toys and ribbons provide tactile stimulation. Designed for use from birth, the mirror sells for around $20.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

This classic cone with rainbow-colored donut rings for a baby to stack is a must-have. Hand-eye coordination and visual stimulation are encouraged as well as problem solving and sorting by color and size. Gross motor development is enhanced when your baby learns to bat at the rocking stack to watch it move. The Rock-a-Stack sells for approximately $5.

Lamaze Sorter Toy

Lamaze toys are designed with the Lamaze philosophy of parenting in mind. A baby’s world should be interactive and encourage learning. The Lamaze sorter toy is a soft box of bright, colorful patterns that comes with soft, textured, filled shapes that are easy to grasp. Each shape can be sorted and dropped into the correct opening. Each shape makes a different noise, and the toy is also scented with green apple to stimulate your baby’s sense of smell. This toy sells for approximately $15 to $20 and is designed for ages 6 months and up.

Right Start Infantino Tummy Time Surf Mat

With the new safe sleep recommendations that babies sleep on their backs from birth, parents must be sure that their baby has enough tummy time. Tummy time is important for the development of upper-body strength; it also encourages babies to look at their surroundings from a different angle. Tummy Time Surf Mat will help your baby reach those goals as well as stimulate his vision with floating sea creatures and linking play pals. New textures and sights along with a new perspective will encourage your baby to explore his world. This mat sells for around $30.

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