Do You Need A Drink With That?
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Do You Need A Drink With That?

While summer is still in full swing, the back to school chaos is quickly approaching. We thought we’d help out with a few beverage must-haves to keep the fun summer days going..

Looking to add a little sparkle to your drinks? Mastrad Purefizz Soda Maker instantly adds bubbles to water, fruit juice or cocktails. You can also add fruit or herbs to spice things up. It’s easy to use – you just fill up the stainless steel bottle, insert the CO2 cartridge, give it a good shake and tahdah! 

For the wine drinkers and entertainers – when you don’t finish that lovely bottle of wine, we love the VinEdge, an innovative wine preserver that keeps your wine fresh for over a week. What makes this different than other wine-preserving tools is that it offers a disposable straw-like piece that eliminates the oxidation process that occurs over time- without pumping or charging. The VinEdge spout is sleek, stylish and mess-free.



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