Want a Lean Bod like Kate Hudson’s? Ask Her Trainer
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Want a Lean Bod like Kate Hudson’s? Ask Her Trainer

Want a body as lean and fit as Kate Hudson’s? Well, we asked top celebrity trainer as well as Kate’s own fitness guru, Nicole Stuart, for her fitness tips on how to tone up for the upcoming summer months. Here’s her advice:

Only got 15 Minutes? Raise your Heart Rate!

If you only have 15 minutes to spare, raising your heart rate is most important and effective. Here are three 15-minute workout options: (1) Jump rope – do 30 seconds at 3 minute intervals. (2) Treadmill – run 1 mile or warm-up for 5 minutes, then go to a high incline and walk anywhere from 5-10 minutes, then run for the last 5. (3) Squat Jumps – Do 10-15 squat jumps 5 times, then a pilates mat routine consisting of the following series of 5 workouts: hundred, roll-up, single straight leg stretch, criss-cross, double straight leg lowers.

How to Get Post-Pregnancy Abs

Working out your abs while pregnant will make it easier to tone up your tummy after you give birth. Hopefully you’ve worked out before your pregnancy so once you are pregnant you can continue to do abdominals, as long as it doesn’t feel strange to your body. If you haven’t, I would suggest jumping in and starting off with small Pilates mat abs. Once you feel uncomfortable during your pregnancy then stop immediately. Some women never want to work their abdominals until they have the baby because it is uncomfortable for them. That’s fine. Other women do core strengthening up until pregnancy. Modification is key. What’s best for post -pregnancy is jumping right back in the saddle. Doing pilates is great for abs because it really pulls your core back together. The entire program really burns the weight off your core.

Spinning? Running? What’s the Best Workout?

What’s best is a hard question to answer. I never like to say “do just this” or “this is the only thing that works.” I mean, if it feel good to you, then you should do it. For me, what works best is spinning, high power yoga, running short distances, (sprints) and pilates. I like to sweat and get my heart rate up and endorphins going. I used to do Tai-bo but now I feel its too hard on my body. Just do what works best for you and what makes your body feel good. Whatever you do, have the right form. Kate’s a stickler for form and proper body alignment, just like me.

Get in Summer Shape – Quick!

A few simple words to remember if you want to quickly lose a few pounds and get swimsuit ready. Diet and cardio. Burn calories and don’t eat after 6pm.

About the Author

Nicole Stuart is a Las Vegas native nad has an extensive dance background. Including jazz, ballet, tap, and modern.

Nicole studied Pilates and was trained by Pilates guru Mari Winsor of Winsor PIlates and has studied with various teachers across the United States.
She has taught Pilates for 12 yeas in West Hollywood, California and has worked with many celelbrity clients.

Nicole has appeared in film and television.

Nicole incorporates a lot of her own creativity and style using her jazz training, fitness and yoga and stretching which makes her Pilates style

Nicole believes Pilates is a key part of fitness for both men and women because it incorporates stretching and strengthening. “Pilates and exercise are the key elements to healing and feeling good. Most people don’t stretch and strengthen enough!
People also don’t work deeply enough. A lot of people believe Pilates can be mindless, but I don’t think they have the right trainer. A good Pilates class
should kick your butt and make you sweat.

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