Soothing Baby Music Ideas
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Soothing Baby Music Ideas

Colicky, anxious or stressed infants will calm down naturally when they hear soft and smoothing music. Music can be used to improve a baby’s mood, increase focus and encourage deep relaxation. Many parents use music to lull a baby to sleep at night, but soothing music can be used at any time of the day to reduce anxiety or tension and slow down the baby’s heart rate.

Sing Lullabies or Nursery Rhymes

Infants respond best to a human voice, and singing lullabies, nursery rhymes and hymns will help them relax and become comfortable in their environment. Most babies respond to this type of soothing music within a few minutes and may even take part in the activity by gently rocking back and forth, closing their eyes to enjoy the experience and showing facial expressions that indicate happiness. You can also record yourself singing lullabies and play them at various intervals throughout the day.

Turn on a Musical Nightlight

A nightlight that projects colorful images against a wall and plays music can initiate restfulness and peacefulness. These lights can be set up in a baby’s room to illuminate the wall or ceiling around the crib and help baby focus on different objects. The combination of lights and music can be very soothing for babies, distracting them from stress or anxiety and lulling them into a deep state of rest or sleep.

Play Nature Sound CDs

The relaxing sounds of nature can reduce stress in babies and adults alike, so playing a nature CD can induce a state of relaxation and improve overall well-being. This type of music is also beneficial during diaper changes or feeding time when the baby becomes fussy or irritable. The sounds can distract the baby long enough to proceed with the activity with little or no fuss.

Play Classical Music

Classical music has a certain rhythm and tone that can grab a baby’s attention and distract him from crying. Classical music can also be very comforting and may help the baby relax and calm down after a difficult day.

Play Musical Instruments

Toys designed to look like real musical instruments can improve an infant’s motor skills, and some of these toys also emit songs and sounds that can be very soothing. Allow the baby to play with toys that play tunes and notes when pressed, shaken or pushed so that she can develop motor skills along with auditory skills.

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