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How Does Reading During Pregnancy Increase a Baby’s Intelligence?

A babys nerve pathways in the ears and neural system in the brain start developing as early as the twenty-sixth week, which is when the baby will begin responding to sounds and voices regularly. Introducing music and words while your baby is still growing inside of you may increase your babys intelligence; many expectant parents can start talking to their babies in the womb, reading to them and playing soothing music to generate a response from their developing brains. Reading provides auditory stimulation for babies growing brains and can acclimate children to the sounds of their parents voices.

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How to Teach a Baby Sign Language

Teaching your baby sign language can increase her communication skills and encourage her to express her needs. The simple movements of sign language can overcome many communication barriers while your baby is developing her speaking skills, and it doesnt take long to teach children how to use sign language for simple requests or expressions.

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Baby Learning Games

Introducing infants to stimulating activities and educational games can develop language, communication, social and motor skills and also stimulate learning and creativity. Babies who are exposed to various games and activities at an early age also may develop a stronger memory, improve hand-eye coordination skills and establish healthy bonds with family members and siblings. Interacting with different toys and becoming comfortable with a wide range of sensory experiences can help infants mature at a healthy rate. Playing simple games with your baby can enhance learning.

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Music Activities for Babies

Introducing babies to different sounds, noises and styles of music can develop their auditory skills and improve their attention spans. Infants can recognize different sounds at a very early age, and exposure to music between birth and age 6 can develop a childs affinity for certain types of music. Musical activities, such as singing, humming and moving around to the beat of various types of music, also can develop basic motor, social and communication skills in infants.

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Music & A Baby’s Health

Infants can recognize music, noise and sounds at a very early age, and introducing them to different types of music offers several health and developmental benefits. Soothing music can relax babies and make them more comfortable with their environment, and different musical notes and tunes can also develop auditory system and hearing skills.