Music Activities for Babies
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Music Activities for Babies

Introducing babies to different sounds, noises and styles of music can develop their auditory skills and improve their attention spans. Infants can recognize different sounds at a very early age, and exposure to music between birth and age 6 can develop a child’s affinity for certain types of music. Musical activities, such as singing, humming and moving around to the beat of various types of music, also can develop basic motor, social and communication skills in infants.


Kindermusik incorporates music and movement for early childhood development and education, and classes are structured around listening, singing and playing games that involve sound and music. The “Village” class establishes basic listening and movement skills for babies up to 18 months.

Watching a Puppet Performance

Puppet shows and other forms of live entertainment that involve singing, dancing and moving to different music and sounds can introduce a baby to different styles of music. Live shows also provide sensory stimulation, such as bright lights, colors and a new atmosphere. Any shows that encourage the baby to sing along, clap and move to the beat will help the infant become more comfortable with different sensory experiences and develop an appreciation for different types of sounds, noises and rhythms.

Toys That Play Music

Plush toys that make sounds or play a song when pressed, or bedtime toys, such as night lights and globes that play melodies, develop babies’ listening skills and increase their attention spans. Introducing babies to different types of toys that play music develops numerous sensory skills and encourages them to play, socialize and participate to enjoy various sensory experiences.

Making Music

Making sounds and music with toys and musical instruments develops motor skills, hand-eye coordination and the ability to differentiate between different notes. Playing with musical instruments may also develop a sense of cause and effect which helps babies explore new games and activities as they grow.

Watching TV Programs with Music

Educational television programs such as “Sesame Street” and “Blue’s Clues” that involves singing and dancing can introduce different styles of music to the infant’s environment. Programs that encourage babies to participate by clapping their hands to the beat or singing also develop motor and social skills.

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