Baby Einstein Toy Reviews
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Baby Einstein Toy Reviews

Baby Einstein has long been a leader in the world of educational baby toys. These toys are designed to help parents and babies discover the world together with interactive experiences for the family. Baby Einstein toys use music, art and real-life objects and experiences to encourage babies to explore the world around them. Here are a few favorites for your baby’s first year.

Sea Dreams Lullaby Soother

Your baby will drift to sleep as peaceful ocean scenes play on this crib-side soother. You can control the functions of the soother from up to 15 feet away with a remote control. The soother also plays nature sounds and classical music, and the lighting can fade out quietly. The soother attaches securely to most cribs and sells for around $40.

Count and Compose Piano

This musical toy is intended for babies 6 months and older. Babies can create piano, flute and xylophone sounds and listen to the numbers 1 through 5 in three languages. In the composer mode, your baby can press keys that will activate melodies and dancing lights. The Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano sells for around $15.

Connect and Play Zone

Intended for babies 6 months and older, this product combines five toys in one. The toys can be played with together or on their own. The Connect and Play Zone includes a baby-safe mirror, a ball drop, the naming of shapes and colors in several languages, peek-a-boo pop-up characters and a bead chaser. Selling for around $45, this toy is bound to be one of your baby’s favorites.

Lights and Melodies Discovery Center

This toy can be used as your baby grows and develops new skills. The Discovery Center adapts to your baby as he lies, sits and eventually stands. Equipped with hanging toys, spinning wheels, lights, songs and sounds, this toy will delight babies as they develop hand-eye coordination, language and grasping skills. The Baby Einstein Lights and Melodies Discovery Center sells for around $35.

Discover and Play Color Blocks

These soft and textured blocks are easily grasped and provide different touch sensations. Each block is decorated with a Baby Einstein character, real-life photos, images of everyday objects and other features. As babies play, they’ll also hear jingle and rattle sounds and feel vibrations. The blocks sell for around $13.

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