How to Choose Baby Music CDs
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How to Choose Baby Music CDs

With literally hundreds of baby music CDs available, there is a great variety to choose from, including instrumental music, classic nursery rhymes, adapted classical, jazz and white noise. You even can make your own mix of songs. Any CD you buy should come from a reputable company, have great-quality sound and be age-appropriate.

Step 1

Consider your baby’s personality. If your baby is playful and enjoys upbeat music, such as pop and country, choose a music CD that contains nursery rhymes and riddles set to catchy, upbeat tunes. However, if your baby is easy-going, he may enjoy the adapted classical and jazz music that isn’t so verbally stimulating.

Step 2

Choose something that is consistent and repetitive. Babies love music and word repetition, and this repetition helps them learn. They also will be more attentive if the music is consistent, with little breaks between songs or words.

Step 3

Choose a music CD that both you and your baby will enjoy. Listening to music together is a great bonding experience. Choose something that you will enjoy listening to over and over, and preferably one that you find relaxing. Also, babies love to watch your mouth and hear your voice, so sing along in front of your baby.

Step 4

Keep it simple. Your baby will most likely enjoy music with simple styles, rhythms and melodies. Look for music that keeps the tempo down as well.

Step 5

Read the reviews about any CD before you buy it. Parental reviews can help you make a smart decision about whether or not a particular music CD is worth your money.

Step 6

Ask for recommendations. If you just aren’t sure about what you want, join a parenting group or mothering board and ask other parents what they recommend.


Some children’s CDs contain white noise, such as the sound of a vacuum cleaner or washing machine. Many babies prefer white noise over music.
Watch your baby’s reactions. If the music seems to disturb him, turn it off.
Make sure that you choose an age-appropriate CD. The label should indicate for which age group the CD is recommended.


Do not play the music too loud. Studies show that loud sounds can harm babies’ ears. If you can’t talk over the music, it’s too loud.

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