Healing Stone Mugs
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Healing Stone Mugs

My morning cup of coffee is a sacred ritual that I cannot live without! More often than not, I am running out the door with a thermos gripped in my hand. But on those rare, peaceful mornings I love enjoying delicious coffee goodness right out of the mug.

Healing Stone Mugs make that morning cup of joe even more magical. These special mugs are handmade by artisan potter, Donna Rollins, making each mug one-of-a-kind and completely unique.

These mugs are created with mineral infused clay and crowned with one of four healing stones to finish. Each stone focuses on a different aspect of healing.

Blue Mug: Clear Quartz, a popular healing crystal, is considered to be the master healer, aiding many areas of the body.

Red Mug: Tiger’s Eye/Cat’s Eye aids in focusing the mind and is used in meditation.

Purple Mug: Rose Quartz, the important crystal for the heart chakra and is the unconditional love stone.

Black Mug: Citrine, the stone of regenerating, raises self-confidence and is also known as the financial prosperity stone.

All glazes used are non-toxic. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Love.

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