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Complexity of the Human Mind & Heart

Complexity of the Human Mind & Heart

Do you ever sit back and contemplate exactly what makes people react to certain situations in the manner that they do? From something that seems so clearly odd to you seems so normal to another person? If you’re anything like me you’ve tried sorting it out in your mind and no matter how hard you try… you just can’t make sense of it all.

Take for example those who are an obvious cry for attention. They like to stand out, be different than everyone else, to the point in which it often is extreme and outlandish behavior. The “I’ll show you” mindset is something I could never quite comprehend. When, in fact, the only thing they are showing anyone is that they are willing to risk their self-respect to prove a point and opening themselves to even more ridicule. They prefer the shock & awe reaction; I would go as far to say that they thrive on it. What makes people think that this type of behavior is truly acceptable or beneficial? Where’s Dr. Phil when you need him?

Or perhaps we can look at the person whom truly believes they are justified in feeling they are better than anyone else? You know… the all-knowing, nose-in-the-air, I am better than you people? What happens in the lives of the people who fit this particular category? I find it hard to believe that their self-confidence is truly as strong as titanium. I have spent many years realizing that these are the people who tend to feel no self-worth. Albeit, that isn’t the point, and it still baffles me to no end.

Then there are the people who just don’t get it. Truth is always clear and precise. However, there are those people who refuse to see things the way they are. They prefer to see things their way…or no way. And in addition, are usually too stubborn to admit they’re wrong in any fashion whatsoever, even when things are in black and white. Yet, they have fully convinced themselves that a lie is truth. 

Last, but by far not least… those who continually make mistakes and never learn from them. I believe that we are humans and we have the right to err. There is no question in my mind about that. What concerns me are those who repeatedly make mistakes with no conscious.

Please don’t misconstrue the fact that I know I am certainly not perfect, but I make a conscious effort to be the best person I can be; particularly because I am a mom – a role model. I often think of that line in ‘The Crow’ where Brandon Lee’s character says, “Mother is the name for God on the lips of all children.”  Even before I was a mother, once I reached adulthood, I mentally evolved… I grew. I began thinking of consequences and actions. I’m still growing every day, but there are those who don’t evolve, and continue to live on the same level as they did as young child or teenager.

As mentioned before, it baffles me to no end and I always keep in mind that perhaps one of my faults is caring too much; for wanting to see people be better human beings. Better humans will always make a better world for all involved. It’s not as if these character flaws are involuntarily permanent so the only question that remains is… why allow particular thought processes to prevent you (generally speaking) from being the best person you can be and living the best life that you can? Think outside the box.  

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