Sex During Late Pregnancy
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Sex During Late Pregnancy

While sex is the last thing on the mind of many women going through the last months of pregnancy, being intimate with your spouse during this time is often absolutely fine. Though many women shy away from activities of this nature as their pregnancies wear on, there is rarely a medical reason to do so. If you are considering intimacy with your spouse at your advanced pregnancy stage, consider some of the pregnancy-related factors that may come into play and explore how these factors may impact your love life.

Sexual Desire During Pregnancy

Some women find that their sexual desire remains constant throughout their pregnancies, while others experience surges or declines in sexual desire. Because your hormones are in a state of extreme flux, it is not uncommon for your sexual desire to ebb or wane during this time period, reports WebMD. Don’t worry about your desire level if it spikes or dips, because it will likely level back out after the arrival of your new baby as your hormone levels get back under control.

Keep on Communicating

When engaging in sexual activity late in your pregnancy, communication is key. It is important to speak to your partner regarding your sexual desires and needs during this time, as the only way for him to know what you are thinking and feeling is for you to tell him. It is also vital that you communicate any discomfort you may be experiencing during sex with your partner so that he can help prevent this discomfort and ensure that sex is as pleasurable for you as it is for him.

Mix It Up for Comfort

Your tried and true sexual positions may not fit the bill during late pregnancy. Because your body is so different from normal, you may find your typical sexual positions quite uncomfortable. Many pregnant women find that sexual modifications, such as shallower penetration, make sex more enjoyable during late stage pregnancy, reports WebMD. You may also need to get creative with your positions, as you likely will be uncomfortable in any position that puts pressure in your burgeoning abdomen.

Reasons for Restriction

While most pregnant women can safely engage in sexual activity throughout their pregnancies, some are forced to follow restrictions. As WebMD reports, individuals with a history of pregnancy complications may be advised by their doctors to avoid sexual activity during end-stage pregnancy. If you have any concerns about your fitness for sexual activity, express these worries to your doctor and seek his advice.

When to Call your Doctor

You will likely be able to engage in sexual activity without any issue; however, there are some things for which medical attention may be necessary. If you notice that you are experiencing pain during sexual contact, speak to your doctor before continuing with your sexual activity. Additionally, if you notice vaginal discharge or bleeding, call your doctor, as these could be signs of pregnancy-related issues or even the onset of labor. If your water breaks, or you suspect that your water has broken, contact your doctor immediately.

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