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Want to Peek Inside Brooke's Bag?!

Brooke is all over the place — and traveling a bunch too. Just recently, she flew to Chicago to be on the Oprah show — amazing, right? We asked her how she packs, what she throws in her carry-on bag and what she never leaves the house without. Here’s the scoop.

In Brooke’s Carry-On

What a fabulous carry-on bag — how smart, you don’t have to have a huge load on your back, just roll it. Smart lady…
Ok, inside this carry-on by GoGoVoyage, Brooke’s got the following items: Travel toothpaste and toothbrush, a bunch of Magazines (Oprah, InStyle and US — which she’s in this week), her daily planner – she writes her life down in it, her laptop, tablet of paper and a pen for writing, her iphone, chapters from the book she’s writing, lip moisturizer, daily vitamins, a camera, an apple (Brooke does eat the plane food, but just in case, it’s good to have a snack on hand), breath mints and a bottle of water, finished before the security line, of course!

Inside Brooke’s Suitcase

What an organized packer — just look at her suitcase and how organized it is! Ok, in it she’s got sneakers her son picked out with bunnies on them when she wants to be cozy, her favorite blue Lanvin high heels — which retail for about $1,000 but she got for 90% off at Loehmans! Jeans, a T shirt and scarf (always), soft shorts and a T shirt for sleeping, oh and a candle — oh and a candle, she never travels without a candle. Now, what about the beauty stuff…

And Her Toiletries?

Brooke brings a to-go mani/pedi bag including her favorite nail polish, ‘ballet slippers’ by Essie, Orly” — a ‘won’t chip’ polish to put on nails before you apply color, her new favorite “won’t chip” ORLY polish you put on your nails to help nailpolish last longer, a blow-dryer, curling iron, straightening iron and big round brush for the best blow-out. Hairspray! her favorite by bio-silk, “it’s the best,” she says.

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